Fun Facts About Cupid

Fun Facts About Cupid

When I started thinking about writing a new series, I didn’t have any idea I was going to write about Cupid.

I wanted to find a way to write about a new couple every time, but keep a sense of cohesion by keeping the same place and the same cast from one short story to the other. A singles’ bar seemed to be a good place for new people to meet—there’s a lot of turnaround, and the usual customers know each other and interact nicely with the owner and the employees.

Cupid was just an afterthought, resulting from choosing a bar for the main setting of my series. I could never have imagined I would love that damn cherub so much.

If you’ve read any of the short stories of my Cupid’s LoveSick series, you know that my Cupid is a twisted, old, bitter, foulmouthed version of the God of Love we’ve all come to know from classical mythology. I’ve found some inspiration in the lore, though.

Who is Cupid?

Known as Cupid in Roman mythology and Eros in Greek mythology, Cupid is the God of love, desire, erotic love and attraction. He’s often portrayed as a chubby young boy—although he can also be painted as a slender young man.

Cupid carries around a bow and arrows. Those are known as his source of power, and it’s thanks to them that Cupid can make any human—or deity—fall in love. His victims are doomed to feel an uncontrollable desire for the center of their affection.

Cupid is often portrayed with wings and a young appearance because he represents the flightiness of love and desire, as well as its irrationality. Love is capricious, erratic, unreasonable… and as its symbol, Cupid is perfect.

Random Fun Facts

  • Cupid’s bow is also the name of the curve of the upper human lip.
  • Lovesickness is what one feel when their affection is rejected or unrequited. It is an actual symptom of a mental illness that is rarely acknowledged in psychology, and that can lead to depression.
  • Cupid is also the name of a moon orbiting Uranus… of course, I cannot resist the horrible pun which leads me to a very lewd decision about Cupid’s sexuality. :p

Work in progress

I’m working on these books right now:

A Touch of Frost
Packing Double
Into Deep Dimensions